Day 34

I made this dress a while ago but was too embarrassed to wear it anywhere or post it anywhere.  The pattern is from the Gothic and Lolita Bible 3 (International version).  I had little faith in my ability to sew it right, so I used an old sheet of my grandmother's.
I had so many problems with this.  I thought it was going to be way too small, so I lengthened it at the shoulders.  Then the front was toot low so I had to undo that.
The zip was supposed to go to the waist, but the waist is fitted and I couldn't get into the ruddy thing.
I had to unpick that and lower the zip so it went down into the flared skirt.  That means there's a huge gap at the top back where the zip used to be.
I put off doing the front ruffles for like... 6 weeks... because it looked so bad without them I thought there wasn't much point.  Chuck forced me to do them.

In conclusion:  

There is nothing wrong with my mad sewing skillz.

There is nothing wrong with using an old sheet for fabric - the pattern is quite pretty and it's still strong and usable.

The problem with this dress is the pattern.

It is silly.

Now I know why I've never seen anyone use this pattern on the sew_loli community.  


  1. I'm sorry about the problems you've had with the dress, but the end result looks really good.


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