Day 8

Today I went to uni and worked really hard doing lots of things.  I went to my first philosophy/maths tutorial.  Before the tute I was really nervous because the lecturer said we had to contribute in class because we'd be marked on it.  I did the readings and was freaking out because they were complicated and dense.

In class, we first went round the circle and introduced ourselves.  Most people are science students majoring in physics or maths.  I'm the only person who is doing music or psychology, let alone music/psychology.  Questions were asked and the floor was open.

We spent the whole time talking about the door and its brownness and how everyone has a different experience of the door.  What does the door think of itself?  Is it really there?  How come we experience it as solid when it is composed of atoms that are mostly empty space?  Who am I?  Who are you?  Are you really there, are you sure you're not somewhere else?  What's that over there?  What do you think is over there?  How do you experience red?  Does it really matter whether you see red the same way as me?  How is that relevant?  How is it not relevant?  How does the door exist without our physical and mental experiences of it?  Is it still a door or is it something else?

Blah blah blah.

Conclusion: out of all the shoes in the class, I liked mine best.  I'm wearing the brown ankle boots with a pointy toe and no heel that cost me $15.  The ones that cracked and peeled 5 seconds after I bought them because they're not leather.  The ones that have coats and coats of brown acrylic paint on them to cover up the scratches.  They are So Choice.  They fit So Nice.

Sometimes I find it really difficult to mix the right shade of paint for my shoes.  Usually the paint dries a little darker than the wet colour, so I have to be careful.  Right now I've got a pretty good match.  You'd have to look really closely to figure out that they're painted.  Everyone has a different experience of my boots.

One girl was wearing blue cons, which I also liked, and one dude was wearing some cool skate shoes with red stripes.



  1. Not that's an awesome and interesting class. So did you find yourself?

    You have an excellent taste in shoes. :D


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