Day 7

Today I give you a photo of the Cat Empire.  My camera ran out of batteries halfway through importing photos, so I only have half.  I hope the others aren't lost forever!

There's Felix sitting down playing tambourine with one hand and chocalo with the other.  He was slamming them against his lap for the WHOLE SONG and by the end he had a pained expression on his face.  I sent him some sympathy rays with my heart.  Because I know that painful chocalo feeling.


  1. awesome awesome awesome. I bet you're a better chocalo player than him. I'm a better chocolate player than him.

  2. I like the lighting and the blur effect on some of the musicians' faces. Jacob's Ladder (the film) uses a similar effect. Cat Empire looks like interesting band.

  3. It's not really an effect ... they just didn't stop to pose for the camera.

  4. Yeah, I figured as much - I just didn't use the right words. It stll looks cool!


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