Day 18

Pendants!  Look at them shine!

I started making these pendants about a week ago, and they're only just set.  Resin takes ages sometimes.
It's a multi-step process, so I guess it's no wonder it took me so long.  First I've got to drink ALL THAT BEER.  I had no choice but to do it all in one night.  22 bottles*!
Then I have to find/print pictures to embed.  They need to be coated with glue-type stuff so that the resin doesn't leak into the paper.  When that happens, it looks like the paper got wet and soggy.
The pictures have to be cut to size and glued into the bottletop.  Then the glue must be dry before any resin pouring happens.  If the glue isn't dry, it forms clouds in the resin.
The resin is really sticky and there's no chance of getting it off anything.  So gloves and newspaper are a must!  Luckily it's not smelly.  Sometimes I like to stick my nose in and sniff**.
I like the pendants to have a domed top, which is best achieved with two separate pours, a few hours apart.  This time I only did one pour, so some of them spilled over a little.  Couldn't handle the (surface) tension.  They turned out good though.
The second picture is pendants with security envelope patterns inside.  Have you ever noticed how intricate and pretty they are?  I thought about having a scrapbook with them in, but then I remembered that I hate scrapbooking. How dare they invent a verb!

Oh and I'm selling pendants on Etsy.  Check them out. 

* Not really!  If I had to drink that much, I would have at least invited you!
** Not really!  Gosh don't you get sarcasm?!


  1. They're wicked. I will probably buy all of them

  2. wow!! they are so pretty! I want to buy the muffin one!! I am serious!

  3. No, I don't have a sense of humour, so sarcasm passes right by me.

    I now have enough money to buy two custom ones. And I want to pay for them (because they are bloody awesome). We'll talk Sunday if it is all right. :D

    Sorry that I haven't been commenting lately, but I'll try to catch up.



    * No sarcastic
    ** Totally sarcastic.

    (just to clarify).

  5. Thank you for clarifying. Presently I'm a bit better at catching sarcasm than I was two years ago. My brother uses it quite a lot and I've learned to understand it better.

    We'll see about the payment, Chrissy. I have $20 to buy something that I like and I like your pendants.


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