Petticoat no. 2 - takes a little time!

After reading a couple Gothic and Lolita Bibles, I realised that one petticoat simply isn't enough for a modern-day Lolita.  I decided I'd make another one in a different way.

At the fabric shop, I found some tulle in the remnant bin - it was about 1.6 metres.  Luckily it was white and only $2!

First work out how wide you need the waistband to be to get into it.  This measurement is an IMPORTANT ONE.

I folded it in half lengthways so that it was doubled and was around 60cm long, and drew a lot of triangles on it.  Like this, except more... measured and less... crap.

I cut them all out... except I made the points of the triangles flat.  This is so that the small ends of the triangles form the waist of the petticoat.  I figured that if it was too small to get in and out, I'd cut a slit in it and use elastic anyway.

Sew all the panels together, with all the triangles THE SAME ORIENTATION.  Ha ha ha.

Sew in elastic at the top.  Insert over body.  

This petticoat is nowhere near as rad as my other one.  However, it does make a difference when I wear them together, and I consider it to be a success!  And way easy!

I'll post photos soon.


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