Craft stall/show at Blackstump

So Alison called me up and was all "Hey Chrissy let's do a craft stall at Blackstump! Oh and you and Chuck are in our band" And I was like "No way." And she was like "Way." And I was like "Nooo waaaay." And she was like "Way." And I was like "Noooooooooo waaaaaaaaaaay!" and she was like "Way." and I was like "Ok, I'm in" and she was like "Sweet, you and Chuck will each get paid for the gig and get into Stump for free" and I was like "No way!" and she was like "Way." and then I called up Chuck and told him and he was like "No way!" and I was like "Way." ...

So I've gone from paying $85 to get into Stump to getting paid for the Caxton gig and earning from my sales at Stump! This will surely be the best Stump ever.

I've been making stuff to sell (so far I've made a whole 16 pairs of earrings and 2 knitted scarves!) and we're also going to display handmade stuff that we don't want to sell. I'm trying to think up some more things I can easily make en masse. Chuck is going to make a demo CD to sell and have a cool music installation set up.

As for Caxton, the Stump website claims that we'll be playing percussion, vibes, vibes and percussion. I hope we get Chuck's vibraphone there unscathed.


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