Day 30

What, Chrissy? That's just a plain ol' Pro-mark stick bag. Right? You didn't MAKE THAT. No, I didn't. BUT I DID MODIFY IT. It is a stick bag no longer!

Look how wide it is! It's like 8cm wide now. I cut out the zip, and sewed fabric along the edges, then sewed in a new zip. Now it's a MALLET bag!


  1. FIRST POST!!!!111

    sorry heiney, looks like check-mate.

  2. Modification is cool - as was your idea! One time I came across a site where a guy modified Playstations and Wii's into laptops and portable machines.

    Check-mate it is! Well won Charles - I never was good at chess. Congratulations on your first post. :D

    Happy Easter Chrissy and Charles!


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