Blow Keyboard with foot pump!

Yesterday I bought this ridiculously cute blow keyboard.

But this morning when I tried to play my favourite tunes, I found myself running out of breath and getting dizzy. I kept forgetting to breathe and then realising that there was no sound. It took a lot more air to keep it going than I expected. Then I remembered bagpipes. These are all the things I used:

My bag is an empty wine cask with the rubber valve taken off. Then I've got my blow keyboard, a cork that fits the hole in the wine cask, a bit of tube, and a foot pump. Here's a closer look at the cork after my excellent dad and I finished messing with it:

We cut two holes right through the cork with a very thin, very sharp knife. The round hole fits the piece of tubing, and the rectangular hole fits the mouthpiece of the blow keyboard. This is how the bits fit together:

So, foot pump into tubing, tube and mouthpiece into cork, cork into wine cask. Now all I have to do is pump up the bag, and squeeze with my knees while I play and pump! Now I can even sing along! Another option is to blow into the tube rather than use a foot pump.


  1. That was really smart! I wouldn't have thought of such a brilliant idea. I don't think I have ever seen a blow keyboard before - how does it sound?

  2. Haha. Part of dinner conversation last night was blow keyboards. Like hvdb, I'd never seen one either. Now I have. Thanks!

  3. every kid in Japan plays these in elementary school. Usually they are of two colors blue and pink. I think they call them hamoniki. (Not sure about the spelling)

  4. Great mod! I've always known these to be called melodicas. I got one from eBay that is very similar to the one pictured. They're pretty easy to come by online. They use reeds, much like a harmonica, and sound pretty similar to harmonicas.

  5. Interesting story as for me. I'd like to read a bit more about that topic.
    BTW look at the design I've made myself Companionship in London

  6. Are you still playing this keyboard? How does the constant pressure from the airbag work with the melodica - does it complain about having air trying to come in when you're not letting it get out?


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